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    The Help Center for Miitary and Civilian People “Vilna Dola” requests all citizens of our city and region to support our military men in the ATO zone. They need warm clothes, sweaters, quilted coats, quilted trousers, socks, underwear, warm felt boots with galoshes, sleeping bags, personal hygiene products, tea, coffee, sugar, water, compasses, watches, raincoats, valenki, mittens and medicines. You may provide aid in:

    goods – receiving offices in Dnipropetrovsk:

    Public organization “Vilna Dola”

    You may also phone:
    Ukrainian – +38 067-523-77-05 Andreiy

    e-mail : vilna-dola@i.ua

    We have two units:

    1 unit – the volunteers who deliver aid to the Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO zone.

    2 unit – the volunteers who collect aid in cities and villages.