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    News and requests

    • We came back successfully 30.12.2014

      We successfully returned from the four-day trip. December 30, 2014

      Good day, everyone! We successfully came back home. The trip was long and eventful. We visited Shchastia, the checkpoint “Stalinhrad”, Markovka, Popasna, c/p “Kurdiumovka”, Aidar, 17th tank brigade, 43th battalion, battalion Zakarpattia. More…



      1. Blue or red filter-tipped cigarettes

      2. Canned stewed meat in tins

      3. Instant soups and mashed potatoes

      4. Drinking water

      5. Fruits

      6. Dried fruits (dried apricots, nuts and raisins)

      7. AA and AAA batteries

      8. Petrol and diesel fuel cards

      9. Patriotic literature.


    • Good evening! We came back. We drove the humanitarian aid to the Right Sector

      Special thanks go to “CONCEPT HALL”, located at 33 Rohalova Street, for the given goods and to Ihor and Myron (the checkpoint near Sursko-Lytovske) for food products.

      Urgently needed things in village Pisky, departure on December 25, 2014

      Night-vision binoculars with 1000-1500 m range – 1 piece

      Night observation sight for Dragunov sniper rifle – 1 piece

      Walkie-talkies with 10 km range – 2 pieces

      Walkie-talkies enhanced – 5 pieces

      Army boots, size 44 – 2 pairs More…

    • We came back 13.12.2014

      We came back. Everything went well. The number of our followers is growing. This trip was arranged thanks to the public organization “Prometei” (Yulia and Artur from Novomoskovsk, this friendly team collected the products and warm clothes for our soldiers and joined us for the trip), the public organization “Legion dobra” (Dnipropetrovsk, it provided us with a minibus and its activists, the guys (Rustam, Lesha and Misha) proved to be professionals and always were ready to help if we needed them), the activists of the public organization “Maidan Sicheslav” (Dnipropetrovsk, Lana, Liuba, Lida and others collected money to buy balaclavas and сamouflage cloaks.


    • We came back. The trip was successful. 06.12.2014

      We came back. The trip was successful. The military men send their BEST REGARDS and gratitude to volunteers who took part in the organization of this trip. These are CONCEPT HALL, located at 33 Rohalova Street, the disinfection service “Center of Cleanness and Hygiene”, private entrepreneur Krokhmal, the public organization “Maidan Sicheslav” and our locals-volunteers who bring warm clothes, food products and many other things that our soldiers need so badly in the office every day. Profound gratitude to all for helping our defenders. The next trip will be on 13th of December 2014. We invite all volunteers to make it as efficient, as the previous one was. Glory to Ukraine!


    • Infrared imager for battalion No.34 of brigade No.57! Attention!

      Infrared imager for battalion No.34 of brigade No.57! Attention!

      December 3, 2014


      We raised part of money in the amount of UAH 45 000 to buy an infrared imager for battalion No.34 of brigade No.57. We need UAH 31 000 more. We ask everyone who can to help. Thank you. Infrared imager – PULSAR QUANTUM HD 50S. It costs UAH 76 000.


    • Things needed in Sector “C”.

      Things needed in Sector “C”.

      December 1, 2014

      Things needed in Sector “C”. These are:

      1. Felt boots with galoshes – 1 200 pairs

      2. Warm balaclavas – 1 600 items

      3. White camouflage cloaks – 1 200 items

      4. Warm leather gloves – 1 200 pairs