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    Good morning, dear volunteers! We came back. We took your aid in Artemivsk …

    Good morning, dear volunteers! We came back. We took your aid in Artemivsk to those fighters who broke out of the encirclement, and clothes – to those in hospitals. The things that we brought are a drop in the sea. The guys left the encirclement in burnt felt boots and uniforms. Army boot soles of some soldiers are tightened with wire, bandage and strips of burnt cord. The rotation was to have been after the withdrawal from Debaltsevo. But upon our arrival it was announced that the rotation was cancelled and they would continue to fight without uniforms, rucksacks, underwear and above all without SHOES. A soldier can’t fight without shoes. Casual things (thin sweaters, T-shirts, jogging trousers, bedclothes, blankets) are needed in hospitals. Soldiers need military equipment (knee guards, helmets, flashlights, binoculars, night vision devices, distance gauge, infrared imager, rucksacks, rechargeable batteries, walkie-talkies, combat vests, splinter-proof vests, camouflage cloaks “Kikimora” and “Wood goblin”, 3-point assault rifle slings, compasses, watches, tactical knives, tactical scissors, tactical mittens), uniforms, analgesic injections, first-aid kits.

    Putin won’t stop. There is an opinion that the Russian troops will approach Artemivsk and Kostiantynivka to make the next pocket. I invite everyone, who can help to defend his own country, not to wait and hope that they won’t reach the Dnipro. If we don’t help our army, they will reach and go further. This is not panic, this is an analysis of what we saw and heard. We will depart in Wednesday, on February 25. What we need, I mentioned above.

    Collection point: Dnipropetrovsk, 13 Myronova Street, office 10. For parcels: “Nova Poshta”, storehouses No. 5, 4, 1 (we’ll pay for delivery with a promo code), Intime and Delivery, storehouse No. 1. Recipient: PO “Vilna Dola” tel. 099-630-76-02.


    Our details for receiving money to buy the necessary things:

    hryvnia – 5168757234555482 Serhii Shablii

    foreign currency – 4149497819290166 Serhii Shablii


    Current account:

    JSC “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, City of Kyiv

    MFO code – 380805

    oper./acc. – 26008468255

    USREOU – 39470004

    Recipient – PO Help Center for Military and Civilian People “Vilna Dola”


    Purpose of payment: charitable contribution

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