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    We came back successfully 30.12.2014

    We successfully returned from the four-day trip. December 30, 2014

    Good day, everyone! We successfully came back home. The trip was long and eventful. We visited Shchastia, the checkpoint “Stalinhrad”, Markovka, Popasna, c/p “Kurdiumovka”, Aidar, 17th tank brigade, 43th battalion, battalion Zakarpattia. We walked almost 1 500 km. We delivered presents and humanitarian aid. The collective of “CONCEPT HALL”, located at 33 Rohaleva Str., saw to warm clothes and presents. I’d like to note that there were candies, home-made cookies, letter for the soldier and dolls “Motanky” among the presents. The dolls became amulets for soldiers who wear them around a neck and hang in dugouts. And medals hang over each bed. Very original and, above all, warmly and like at home. The soldiers liked it very much. The collective of the public organization “Maidan Sicheslav” also collected hygiene products and warm clothes for this trip. These patriots help us to collect aid every week. Brave guys from the battalion “Prydniprovie” accompanied and protected us. Thanks to these courageous soldiers our trip was successful and safe. Thank you, guys. I’d like to note that the team of the Territorial Defence of the Dnipropetrovska oblast provided us with warm clothes, potbelly stoves and transport. The foolhardy guys showed the safe route and accompanied us during this trip. Kowtow to those volunteers who raised money for fuel. Thank you for your responsiveness. They managed to raise different sums: UAH 10, UAH 50, UAH 100 or UAH 500. These are people from Pavlohrad, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Dniprodzerzhynsk and other locations which I didn’t manage to determine. “Club of permanent sponsors for petrol” has already formed. Every week they donate from UAH 10 to UAH 500. Thank you for your raising money for us to buy petrol every week. We always rely on you.

    Dear volunteers, we all are doing a great job. It would be difficult or impossible for our army to fight without our help. I didn’t exaggerate saying “impossible”, as we met the brigades and battalions which are 100% dependent on volunteers’ provision. This confirms that we don’t have a right to stop until we gain our victory over puilo. If we stop, our soldiers will not have a back, and it means that this evil will appear in our homes. Everyone makes his contribution to the defence of the Homeland. The soldiers are fighting, and we support them. The victory will be ours, we are right! Glory to Ukraine!

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