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    We came back 13.12.2014

    We came back. Everything went well. The number of our followers is growing. This trip was arranged thanks to the public organization “Prometei” (Yulia and Artur from Novomoskovsk, this friendly team collected the products and warm clothes for our soldiers and joined us for the trip), the public organization “Legion dobra” (Dnipropetrovsk, it provided us with a minibus and its activists, the guys (Rustam, Lesha and Misha) proved to be professionals and always were ready to help if we needed them), the activists of the public organization “Maidan Sicheslav” (Dnipropetrovsk, Lana, Liuba, Lida and others collected money to buy balaclavas and сamouflage cloaks.

    Many citizens of our city brought potbelly stoves, warm clothes, foodstuffs and just came to load our cars before the departure. To collect aid for the soldiers was difficult this week. Besides clothes and food products, it was necessary to find petrol, a lot of petrol (for two cars). And, as usually, “CONCEPT HALL”, located at 33 Rohalova Street, saved the situation. Not only did these beauties (Oksana, Zhenia, Yana, Olia, Katia and many others, I didn’t even see many of them) give money for petrol, but they also, as always, made a major contribution to this trip (thermal underwear, socks, underpants, mittens, etc.) and handed home-made patties and sweeties that are very popular among our soldiers. Sometimes, it seems to me that if the next time we don’t take home-made cookies, the soldiers won’t even let us in the door :-) .

    Special thanks go to notary Elena Yakuba (13 Mironova Street) who bought 60 pairs of felt boots to deliver during this trip. Thanks go to the yoga center “Vedanta” (61-b Pushkin’s Avenue) for sweeties for our soldiers. Many of our volunteers wish to remain incognito. Thanks to such volunteers we refueled and came back home this time. Thank you, Yaroslav!

    Huge gratitude to all of YOU from us and our soldiers. Glory to Ukraine!

    The list for this week will be posted at 9 am on 15th of December 2014.

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